Education Updates


Building Blocks to Great Schools

Education Updates

As part of the Building Blocks to Great Schools, we promise to deliver quarterly updates about the value Goodyear schools offer our children, families and community.

Academics Committee

Our local districts continue to meet to work transitions for our students that leave the elementary districts and go to the high school district. Each high school meets with their corresponding feeder schools and identifies a specific need for students in their system. That need is turned into an action plan. The next step will be to work with student data and look at a possible predictions for schools based on a given growth model.

Buckeye Union High School District

The Buckeye Union High School District, (BUHSD), which includes Estrella Foothills High School, has contracted with NORESCO for $2.5 million in energy conservation improvements. The initiative will save the district over $192,000 a year. The money saved on energy usage will lower the district’s operating costs while improving and enhancing the learning environment for students and faculty.

The building improvements to BUHSD schools included upgrades to lighting, building automation systems, and the installation of a network power management system. To address the desire for renewable energy, NORESCO installed a 30kW solar photovoltaic system at the Maintenance Transportation yard tied into a kiosk that displays the operation of the photovoltaic system for both informational and educational purposes.

NORESCO also developed a Behavior Change Program with the objective of instilling and sustaining a culture of energy efficiency throughout the district. Please visit for more information.