Goodyear General Plan


Goodyear 2025 General Plan Approved by City Council

Election Date: November 4, 2014

The Goodyear 2025 General Plan was unanimously approved by the Goodyear City Council on June 23, 2014. It will now be forwarded to the citizens of Goodyear and will be on the ballot on November 4, 2014. The General Plan must be ratified by the voters of Goodyear to become effective.

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Goodyear 2025 General Plan - June 23, 2014

Goodyear 2025 General Plan - Summary

Facts about the Goodyear 2025 General Plan:

  •  A general plan is visionary – documenting what the citizens want to see in the community – but does not identify funding sources or raise taxes. For example, the Goodyear 2025 General Plan identifies the need for a recreation center and why it is desired by the community, but there is not a funding source nor a deadline for its completion. City Council and staff will use this information when building the budget and capital improvement plan. In this scenario, the conversation will revolve around the need to start planning for a recreation center versus, for example, a convention center.
  • The Goodyear 2025 General Plan is a long-range and comprehensive vision of the community that was created by the Goodyear citizens.
  • Arizona State Law requires all communities in Arizona to have a general plan and update it every 10 years.
  • Goodyear surpassed a population of 50,000 since the last general plan update which triggers additional requirements according to Arizona State Law.
  • The Goodyear 2025 General Plan complies with the requirements of the Growing Smarter legislation and Arizona State Law.
  • The creation of the general plan was guided by the Goodyear 2025 General Plan Committee. A 24-member citizen advisory committee that represented the diverse neighborhoods, demographics, and interests of the Goodyear community.
  • The general plan update process included 63 public meetings attended by over 650 unique individuals.
  • The creation of the Goodyear 2025 General Plan cost 1/5 of what the 2003 General Plan cost to create. This is due to work being completed by City staff rather than consultants and the contribution of 6,000 volunteer hours by the Goodyear 2025 General Plan Committee, ASU students, and other volunteers.
  • 95% of the cost of the general plan update went to public outreach efforts.
  • A hard copy of the Goodyear 2025 General Plan is available for viewing by the public at the Goodyear City Clerk’s Office at 190 N. Litchfield Road or at the Development Services Department at 14455 W. Van Buren Street, Suite D101.
  • Questions regarding the Goodyear 2025 General Plan can be directed to Katie Wilken at 623-882-7948.

The Goodyear 2025 General Plan was created in conjunction with the Transportation Master Plan and the Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan.

Transportation Master Plan 

The Transportation Master Plan sets the stage for how we move throughout our community and connect to regional transportation systems.  It includes strategies for transit, cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians as well as other transportation modes. The Transportation Master Plan was approved by City Council on July 14, 2014.

Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan 

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan sets standards for parks, trails, open space recreation facilities including fields, courts, and community centers as well as recreation programs.  It identifies the types and location for parks and recreation facilities. The Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan was approved by City Council on July 14, 2014.