Jury Duty


Jury Line:  (623) 882-7272


Reporting Instructions

If you have been summoned to appear on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, you DO NOT need to appear.  All jurors summoned for October 22, 2014 are excused. 

If you have been summoned to appear on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, you must arrive at the Goodyear Municipal Court at 8:00 A.M.  Please remember to bring your Jury Summons with you and be ready to provide one way mileage.  Mileage should be from your home address to the Court (information will be requested upon your arrival).

Jurors scheduled for service are required to appear, but should call or check this web page the day prior to appearing to see if reporting instructions have changed.

The Jury Line recording and this web page are frequently updated as juror information changes.

If you are summoned to appear, but would like either a ONE-time postponement or request to be excused, you must contact the Maricopa County Superior Court, Office of the Jury Commissioner.  You may contact them by phone at 602-506-5879 (press “0”), or by mail at 175 W. Madison Ave, Suite 1308, Phoenix, AZ  85003.

If you need further assistance please call the court’s main line at 623-882-7200.

Thank you!

Last updated 9/10/14