E-Plan Review


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Welcome to the City of Goodyear’s new Electronic Plan Review (E-Review) process. 

E-Review is a web-based workflow solution that will allow Building, Engineering, and Planning applications to be submitted, reviewed, and approved electronically/online.  The enhanced capabilities of the ProjectDox software will allow for secure collaboration and mark-up of plans and also streamline and simplify the review process by improving communications between city staff and the applicant.   

Application Request Form

Login to system (existing users)


File Naming Convention

Building Safety
Planning & Zoning        

Revised files should always be resubmitted with the "same file name" as the original submittal.


Target Review Times

Building Safety
Planning & Zoning    


Standards allow for easy identification of drawings by naming convention in order to facilitate the most efficient review.

Standard markup names will be used for each reviewing department for easy identification. A markup can be one or more change-marks. Change-marks are created to quickly identify a markup and associated comments.


Additional Information: To be able to upload files, view files and download comments, you must have Active X Controls installed on your computer.

Benefits of the Electronic Plan Review Process: 

1.    Increased Customer Service
  • Accuracy of plan review corrections.
  • Records are maintained and accessible to all parties involved.
  • Immediate electronic delivery of corrections.
  • 24-hour submittal and correction retrieval of all documents.
  • Web based services that allow access from any internet connection.
  • Time saved in routing of plans to other departments.
  • Environmentally green program that reduces paper use and drive time associated with the submittal of multiple hard copies.  

2.   Reduction of Customer Costs

  • Printing costs associated with reproduction of all plans and documents.
  • Costs associated with time and travel to manually ship/submit hard copies of plans and payments.
  • Permit expeditor service costs.

3.   Simplified and Streamlined Electronic Review Process

  • All comments and change-marks are added directly to the drawings, eliminating the confusion caused by corrections that do not reference a specific location on the plans.
  • Increased clarity of review comments provides you with the benefit of clearer, easy-to-read corrections for faster response time.