Tips for Contacting Your Representative


Legislative Advocacy 

Many citizens, at one time or another, have wanted to contact a legislator to voice their opinion on a particular issue. Despite all the new fangled technology it can sometimes be difficult to figure out who it is you should be contacting or how you would go about doing so. Having gone through a recent redistricting at the state level, and an election cycle, doesn’t help matters much. 

Not to worry! We are here to help! 

The City’s Legislative Districts and Delegates 

The City of Goodyear is comprised of two Districts, District 4 and District 13. Each District is represented by one Senator and two Representatives. This is because Arizona has a bicameral legislature, meaning it has two official “houses,” a Senate (with 30 total members) and a House of Representatives (with 60 total members). We therefore have a total of six delegates representing our two legislative districts at the State Legislature. 

You can determine which legislative district, and as a result who represents you at the state legislature, by going to the District Locator website and typing in your home address. The result will show your Congressional District (Federal) and your Legislative District (State). Depending on which District you live in you will be represented by one of the two delegations. Find Your Government Representative 

When writing formal correspondence, whether on paper or in an e-mail format, the following protocol is generally followed: 

    The Honorable {Delegates Name} 
    House of Representatives (or) Arizona State Senate 
    1700 West Washington Street 
    Phoenix, AZ 85007 

    Dear Representative/Senator…. 

When contacting your legislature it can be helpful if you have a bill number, should you be addressing a specific piece of legislation currently being heard at the legislature. However, you do not have to have a bill number just to voice some other concern or even inquire as to how they voted a piece of legislation. The reason for your contact is strictly up to you, but the more information you can provide to them the more easily they will be able to answer your questions.