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Sewer Appeal Questions & Answers

City of Goodyear Sewer Customers  Can Appeal Sewer Rates Between June 1 and August 31.

What water goes into the City's sewer system?

Water that flows out of your tap and down the drain, water you flush down the toilet, water that runs down the shower drain, water that runs through your dishwasher and washing machine is the water that goes into the city's sewer system and is called sewage. Rain water and water that flows down the street goes into the city's storm drains - an entirely different underground system. Water that you use to water your landscaping seeps into the ground and does not go into any sewer system. So, if you had absolutely no outdoor landscaping that needed watering, 100% of the water used inside your home would go into the sewer system. However, since almost all residential homes have some outdoor landscaping, not all water that goes through the water meter into the house goes into the sewer.

What is sewer usage based on?

There is no way to measure exactly how many gallons of water a household sends into the sewer system. Therefore, Goodyear bases its estimate of your household's monthly sewer usage upon your household's average monthly water consumption during the winter - typically the three lowest water usage months of the year. Because they are the months when you would be watering your landscaping the least, almost all of the water would be used inside and go into the sewer system. The average monthly water usage billed during January, February and March becomes your Winter Quarter Average (WQA) and this is the maximum amount of gallons you can be charged per month for sewage for the next 12 months.

Each May, your sewer bill is adjusted based on that low winter quarter average (WQA). The WQA is the maximum gallons of sewage you will be charged every month from May through April of the next calendar year. If any month's water consumption is lower than your WQA, your sewer usage will be based on your actual water consumption. However, if your monthly water consumption is higher that your WQA, your sewer usage will be based on the lesser WQA volume.

When is an appeal possible?

If your Winter Quarter Average water usage is under the monthly minimum usage based on occupancy, an adjustment will not be considered for your sewer rate. However, if your monthly water usage is over the minimum monthly usage for your household occupancy, you may want to have the City consider a sewer rate adjustment. The chart below explains how the City determines what your household's minimum monthly water usage should be. After your municipal bill comes in June, you have until August 31st to file for an adjustment.

Household Occupants

Gallons Per Day x 30 days

Minimum Monthly Usage


80 gpd x 30 days

2,400 gpm


160 gpd x 30 days

4,800 gpm


240 gpd x 30 days

7,200 gpm


320 gpd x 30 days

9,600 gpm


400 gpd x 30 days

12,000 gpm


480 gpd x 30 days

14,400 gpm


560 gpd x 30 days

16,800 gpm


If your water consumption is higher than your WQA, it may be due to water used to fill a swimming pool or to water outdoor landscaping. Since this water did not go down the drain, you do not need to pay a sewer fee on it and should file an appeal.

How can I appeal my sewer rate?

A Sewer Appeal Form (link is active from June 1st to August 31st ONLY) is available on-line, at City Hall or from the Public Works Department. Mail the completed form to:

City of Goodyear

Attn. Sewer Rate Appeal

P.O. Box 5100

Goodyear, AZ 85338-0601

The City will mail a decision within 30 business days advising whether an adjustment will be made. For questions regarding the Sewer Appeal Form, please call the Finance Department 623-882-7887.

Who cannot appeal?

·          Goodyear residents who live north of I-10 that receive water and sewer services from Liberty Utilities and Goodyear commercial sewer customers.

New Goodyear residents south of I-10 who did not live in their house for the entire three months of January, February, and March. Because they could not establish their own Winter Quarter Average, these new households will be assigned a "class average" sewer rate for the next year. This is calculated by taking total residential water consumption for the three months of January, February and March and dividing it by the total households south of I-10.

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