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Your Beige Garbage Container

Beige Garbage Container

Keep Containers Clean

·          It is the homeowner’s responsibility to wash and sanitize containers.

·          Sprinkling cat litter or spraying fabric softener on the bottom of the container helps to eliminate odors.

Help Eliminate Food Waste Odor

·          Use your kitchen garbage disposal for food scraps whenever possible.

·          Wrap food waste such as meat, fish, etc. with plastic or foil and keep in refrigerator until placing in trash container the evening before your assigned collection day.

Hose out your containers regularly

Keep containers clean

Bag & Tie your garbage and grass clippings

Bag and Tie!

·          County law requires that grass, food, diapers, bathroom and sanitary waste, animal waste or any other wet garbage be placed in plastic bags and tied and sealed.

·          This helps to eliminate odors, fly breeding, and other pest problems.

Container Don’ts

DO NXT place construction waste, rocks, sand, dirt, bricks or blocks in container.

DO NXT place hot ashes, cinders, coals or burning material in container because hot loads can lead to fire.

DO NXT place paint, thinners, gas, car batteries, oil items or any other hazardous waste in container.

DO NXT place palm fronds or tree limbs in container. They may be placed out for collection on bulk trash pickup day.

DO NXT place items next to or outside container for regular pickup.

DO NXT park vehicles as to obstruct container pickup.

DO NXT take the containers when you move. Containers are assigned to the address and marked with serial numbers.

DO NXT allow your children to play in or around containers or sanitation vehicles.

DO NXT put trash in neighbors’ container without their permission.

Do not leave items outside your containers. Lids must close.

Lids not closed,

Items outside container

Be sure to place your containers with the wheels to the curb

Wheels not facing curb


Last Updated: 4/9/2008

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