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Fire Prevention

Special Events

The fire permit/service application is issued for special events with gatherings of 50 or more people open to the public outside of the occupancy. The Special Event Application must be filled out 60 days prior to your event. The application is also available through the Office of the City Clerk. Please follow the Special Event Instructions when completing your application. Once your application is turned in, the City Clerk will notify the various departments involved with your event, including the Fire Department. The Fire Department will determine if a fire permit and applicable fee is necessary. If a permit fee is required, you will be notified by the City Clerk and directed to the Finance Department. Upon receipt of payment, the permit will be issued by the City Clerk. Fire suppression personnel may also be required for safety support.

The types of permits issued for special events are:

w  Carnivals

w  Fairs

w  Trade Shows / Exhibits

w  Outdoor Assembly Events

w  Amusement buildings or haunted houses

w  Display of liquid or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in event buildings

w  Fireworks, pyrotechnical special effects materials and/or display, manufacture, compound, store or use

w  Open burning, bonfire

w  Tents, canopies, temporary membrane structures

Fireworks display

Once the permit has been issued by the City Clerk, construction of the special event may begin. The Fire Prevention staff is then assigned for inspection and safety. Fire suppression personnel is coordinated if additional safety personnel or equipment is needed based on size or hazard of the event.


Last Updated: 10/12/2012

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