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Doing Business in Goodyear

Business Registration Permit

All those engaged in business, including home businesses and Private Owners renting more than one property, within the City of Goodyear are required to apply for a Business Registration Permit. Effective January 1, 2010 there is a $75 annual fee for this permit, which must be renewed annually.

Full instructions and forms for new and renewal permits can be found at Business Registration.  These forms cannot be electronically submitted. When you receive your Business Registration Permit, we ask that you display it in a prominent place within your establishment.

By knowing what businesses are located in our city we will have a better understanding of job growth in Goodyear. We can also work together on public safety to better determine business fire prevention inspection schedules that help maintain overall safety, to understand what types of materials or chemicals are stored inside businesses, and to have the name of the responsible party to contact in case of police or fire emergency.

Any questions can be answered by calling 623-882-7874 or by email at:


The only exceptions are Swapsmart Vendors who need to apply for a special business license at the Swapsmart facility itself, and Peddlers going door to door who MUST apply for a Peddler's Permit. Additional information may be obtained in person at the Goodyear Police Department, 175 N. 145th Ave. or by calling 623-932-1220. Download Peddler's Permit Instructions

Vendor Registration

Required to Provide Goods and Services to the City of Goodyear

All vendors who want to do business with the City of Goodyear must register with Goodyear ePro Procurement System. Only registered vendors will receive notices of bid solicitations and any associated addendums. Goodyear's "ePro" Procurement System is a 24/7 online marketplace that allows all vendors wishing to do business with the City of Goodyear to automate, streamline and reduce the complexity of the procurement process. Registering with Goodyear "ePro" is free, fast and convenient. When you register, you will be asked for your Vendor ID number which is required by the City of Goodyear.

Procedures for Tax Payment

The City of Goodyear is in the State collection system. Please apply for a City sales tax license through the Arizona Department of Revenue; then report and pay City sales tax on the state sales tax return under the city code GY005 (4%) for restaurants.

Hotels and motels report and pay City sales tax on the state sales tax return under the city code GY000 (2.5%) (effective 9/1/09) and GY003 (2.5%) for a combined total of 5% (effective 9/1/09).

License applications are available through the City of Goodyear, Finance Department, or the Arizona Department of Revenue, License Department, 1600 W. Monroe, Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-542-2076, or by visiting the State's website.


Last Updated: 1/28/2010

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