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Water Conservation

Conservation Resources

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Just how much water is Goodyear using this year? This week? Take a look!


Water-saving tips

þ  Check out seasonal tips on ways to save water.

þ  Check out ways to save up to 40% of the water you use outdoors. Arizonans use as much as 70% of their total water use outdoors.

þ  Report water waste. Find out what it is and who to contact.

þ  Unhappy about a high water bill? Find suggestions on how to see why it spiked so high this month and to diagnose reasons for long-term high water use.


Free Arizona Municipal Water Users Association water saving brochures available at City Hall and Water Resources Administration Building. Call 623-932-3010 for multiple copies.

Facility Manager's Guide to Water Management


Xeriscape Landscaping With Style In The Arizona Desert

A step-by-step guide for planning, installing and caring for beautiful water saving landscapes.

Landscaping with Style booklet

Landscape Watering by the Numbers booklet

Landscape Watering by the Numbers

A step-by-step guide through the arithmetic to select irrigation times for your landscape.

Desert Lawn Care

Flyer on grass selections, fertilizing, watering and mowing your right-sized lawn.

Download the Desert Lawn Care Guide

Nuestro Bello Desierto

Nuestro Bello Desierto

¿Saludos de parte de los socios regionales en conservacion del agua!

Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert

A guide to growing more than 200 low-water-use plants.

Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert booklet


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