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Keeping Pool Water in the Pool

The heat from the Arizona sun will empty a pool through evaporation in a year's time. Nevertheless, if pool systems are working well, theKids splashing in pool pool will remain clean and full. Here are some tips to minimize water loss.

How can I keep my pool water clean?

  • Select poolside plantings that do not litter. Avoid messy seedpods and fine leaflets.
  • Skim and vacuum your pool regularly to remove large solids.
  • Clean filters, but only as needed. You may flush them manually with a hose, replace cartridges, or use a backwash flow. Direct water from backwashing (reversing water flow through filters to flush them clean) to the sewer clean-outs in your yard or use it on landscaping in your yard. For more information on how to backwash, read Drain and Backwash Pools Legally.

Caution signRemember:

Keep pool water on your property or release it through a sewer clean-out. Allowing water to run to other people's property, public rights-of-way, or open space is illegal. Federal law and three local ordinances may be violated. This may lead to a citation or a misdemeanor charge.

Monitor the water while it drains. Allowing water to run unattended is water waste, and violates City ordinances.

How can I legally drain my pool for repairs?

Request a free Pool Draining Permit from Environmental Quality at 623-932-3010. Follow directions in Drain and Backwash Pools Legally.

How can I minimize water loss from my pool?

  • Plant a windscreen of trees and shrubs to reduce evaporation.

  • Shade your pool to reduce evaporation. Plant trees or build structures to keep hot afternoon sun off the surface.

  • Use a liquid pool cover or a pool blanket during seasons when you use the pool less often. Water evaporates on warm January and February afternoons in sunny Arizona.

  • Keep chemicals in balance to help minimize the need to backwash.

  • Use cartridge filters or hose down filters near landscaping instead of using automatic backwash. Every backwash cycle uses 250-1000 gallons of water.Bucket

  • Check your auto fill is operating correctly. Overfilling and leaks can be costly. Set a bucket on the top step. Fill bucket to same level as water stands outside the bucket. Place bucket on deck for three to four days without disturbing or covering it. Put bucket back on step. If pool water level is lower than the water level in the bucket, there may be a problem with auto-fill or a pool leak.

What else can I do to keep the pool efficient?

  • Run circulating pumps at night when power demand is lowest. This will reduce power costs for those on time of day rate plans.
  • Use a pool blanket to extend the pool season without using a heater.
  • Check for 2010 energy-efficiency rebates from Arizona Public Service for pool equipment. Go to: APS Green Rebates for Pools. Upgrade equipment and claim one.


Last Updated: 9/2/2010

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