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Code Violation Tips

Cowboy Codey Says . . .

Be a Good Neighbor - Don't Violate the Codes

While we hope everyone remembers to be a good neighbor, there will be instances when you need to notify the City of a potential code problem. When a complaint is received, the following steps are taken:

·          Complaint received - case opened and processed

·          Letter/Advisory Notice to owner/occupant of property regarding violation

·          First Inspection (within 14 days after complaint received)

·          Official Notice if violation still exists

·          2nd Inspection (within 14 days after Official Notice)

·          Final Notice

·          Inspection (within 14 days after Final Notice)

·          Legal action

The goal of the Code Compliance Office is to obtain compliance. At times extensions are granted to correct violations. To report a possible violation, please contact the Code Compliance Office at 623-882-7815 or complete a Service Request form.

Be the Eyes of Your Neighborhood

Are you tired of seeing graffiti and vandalism in your neighborhood? With all the problems related to foreclosures and abandoned homes, the City needs everyone's help in monitoring neighborhoods.

You can be the eyes of your community. Get with your neighbors to form a neighborhood watch or community group to police your neighborhood. Many HOAs form self-help groups to assist with clean-up of issues surrounding abandoned houses. Report any suspicious activity to the Police Department at 623-932-1220 or contact Code Compliance at 623-882-7815.


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