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Cowboy Codey Program

It’s Code Compliance’s Friendly Mascot

Cowboy Codey

Meet Cowboy Codey -

Goodyear’s Code Compliance mascot.

He’s your friendly expert on the City’s codes. His main goal is to acquaint Goodyear residents and children with the codes to keep people from violating them.

Here’s how Cowboy Codey educates our residents about the codes:

·          by writing columns in the InFocus newsletter about a different code that is frequently violated so that readers can learn more about the codes. Check out the Cowboy Codey's tips that he has given in past newsletters. You need to know them!

·          with his Cowboy Codey Coloring Page for Kids so they can learn to identify several code violations when they see them and teach their parents.

  • With a brochure, Be A Good Neighbor – Follow the Codes, that shows adults and children 11 violations that residents most frequently ask about.
  • By appearing at events with his horse, shown here at a G.A.I.N. event,

The Cowboy Codey Mobile Unit

Cowboy Codey at G.A.I.N.

  • Or by appearing with the Codey Mobil Unit




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