Goodyear Families:

The City of Goodyear offers scholarships to youth 17 and under to make our programs more affordable for families in need. All applications are subject to approval and are not guaranteed. Funds are limited and are awarded based on order of submission and need. If approved, the cost is $5 per activity per applicant up to the indicated scholarship limit.  Scholarships are renewed and used annually. Please download and bring in the Scholarship Application and US Citizen Form to the Recreation Office (Fire Station 183). For more information, please call 623-882-7525. Participants must meet the following requirements & provide the appropriate documentation for all that apply.

  1. Proof of Residency
    • Submit a current Goodyear Utility bill showing the applicants, or the legal guardian of applicants, name and address. A current mortgage or rental statement is also acceptable.

  2. Proof of Citizenship
    • Parent/Guardian will need to provide a photo ID. 

    • Please submit an Arizona Driver’s License, Passport, or Birth Certificate for anyone under the age of 18.

    • Submit the US Citizen Form filled out and signed. 

  3. Eligibility Guidelines
    • Salary/Wages
      • Attach copies of the two most recent paycheck stubs from EACH employer for both the applicant and spouse, and all others in the household who are working. If you are paid weekly attach copies of the four most recent pay stubs. Stub must show gross wages and may not be dated more than 30 days from application date. You must also provide a tax return from the previous year with the child for whom you are applying listed as a dependent.  If you did not file taxes last year, you must obtain a "Verification of Non-filing Letter" from the IRS. The online version is available at

    • Government/Food Stamps/Cash Assistance
      • Attach copies of all that apply including current Social Security Award benefit letter, SSI Disability letter, retirement, unemployment or other government subsidy.

    • Child Support/Alimony
      • Attach copies of legal guardianship and/or foster care documents. Include proof of marriage or divorce decree, if no longer married, showing alimony and child support.

Thank you Hilgers Orthodontics for your generosity and support in funding the scholarship program.