Conservation Efforts for Education


Conservation Efforts

For Educators & Youth Leaders

cons1Goodyear Public Works staff can help your school meet its own sustainability plans and support instructional objectives on environmental topics.

For more information on any of these offerings, call 623-932-3010 grubbyor email. Ask for Recycling or Water Conservation.


At Your School - Instructional Resources


  • Staff can provide tools that support mathematical and scientific objectives related to measuring precipitation, irrigation, energy, and rates of change.
Print Material


Classroom Presentations

  • Sanitation staff can provide a 30-minute recycling and waste reduction presentation. Water Conservation will tailor presentations to grade levels and instructional objectives.



Professional Development & Resources


Adult Classes

cons5School Water Audit

  • Engage teams or classes of students in monitoring water use on campus. Take steps to reduce school water use and reduce utility costs. City staff will help plan, instruct and provide simple tools and techniques, as requested.

Reclaimed Water

  • Consider switching water sources to reduce irrigation costs by 50% and keep more ground water in the ground! Have your facility manager contact us for information.

cons6Water Harvesting

  • Six hundred gallons run off a 1,000-square-foot roof during a one-inch rain storm. Capture and redirect it! Water Conservation staff have information and contacts.



In the Community


  • Bring water cycle and reuse discussions to life by scheduling a tour of a water campus or a water reclamation facility. Introductory lessons and hands-on activity at the site can be provided. Chaperoned classes of students 10 and above can be accommodated.

Desert Dan Annual Campaign

  • Encourage your students to participate in the annual summer campaign to reduce peak water use. Equip them to be Desert Dan's Water Marshals in fighting Max(imum) Usage once classes end. Help them have fun practicing math and science. Contact us early to schedule presentations for your summer day camp.

Grant Resources

  • Call 623-932-3010 for suggestions or to discuss partnering to make Goodyear greener.