Waterline Protection Program


From American Water Resources of Arizona

Goodyear homeowners may receive a mailed solicitation from American Water Resources of Arizona for their Water Line Protection Program. The Water Line Protection Program is being offered for $5 a month/$60 annually. This is a service that American Water Resources offers throughout the United States and is optional for homeowners.

American Water Resources (a subsidiary of American Water) is a private company. Their company and this program are not affiliated with the City of Goodyear or the Public Works Department in any way. The City of Goodyear is neutral on the solicitation and the Water Line Protection Program.

Homeowners are responsible for the water lines that run from their home to their water meter. Should a leak or break occur to this portion of the water line, the homeowner is responsible for the repair. The City of Goodyear Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of the water lines from the water meter to the street. According to American Water Resources' website, the Water Line Protection Program covers the costs of repairs (up to $5,000 per occurrence) for leaks or breaks in the customer-owned portion of the water line caused by normal wear and tear.

Should a homeowner decide to purchase this protection program, all interaction is between the homeowner and American Water Resources. The monthly charge for this service will be paid directly to American Water Resources and will not appear on the resident's monthly City of Goodyear utility bill.

For more information about American Water Resources or the Water Line Protection Program, visit www.amwaterresources.com/GoodyearAZ. Homeowners may also wish to consult their homeowner's insurance policy about coverage.